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Past Projects

Theaterpreis des Bundes (2015)

60 Years ITI Germany 60 Years of ITI(2015)

Major projects 1996-2002 (Selection)

Major projects 2000-2002

  • 28 ITI World Congress, Marseilles 14 -21 May 2000
  • BABYLON Workshop for European Authors and Translators 15 June - 2 July 2000. An ITI event presented in conjunction with the Bonn Biennial 22 June - 2 July 2000
  • Who Wants to be a Woman Tomorrow? Female Configurations in the Performing Arts of Today. 4.- 9 July 2000 A meeting of women artists from different cultures, organized by the 2nd Sommerakademie in Braunschweig, in collaboration with the German Center of the ITI, the CIDC, and DTC during the Festival Theaterformen 2000
  • 8th Translators workshop Muelheim 26 May- 10 June 2001in the framework of "Stuecke 2001" festival
  • 1. Intenternational Platform Contemporary Theatre (20001-2003)
  • 7th International Music Theatre Workshop Munich, December 2001
  • THEATER DER WELT 2002 in Bonn, Cologne, Duesseldorf and Duisburg, 21 - 30 June
  • IMAGE.CONSTRUCTION.SITE II. International theatre workshop in the framework of THEATER DER WELT 2002 Bonn, 10 - 30 June
  • ITI - Workshop für junge europäische Autoren bei der BONNER BIENNALE 2002
  • 29 ITI World Congress, Athens 14-20 October 2002

Major projects 1998-99

  • Playwriting Symposium in the framework of the BONN BIENNIAL 1998
  • 6th International Music Theatre Workshop, Duesseldorf, December 98
  • körper.technik//, Berlin, 4 June - 4 July 99
  • 7. Translators workshop Muelheim, 21. Mai - 5.Juni '99
  • 7. General Assembly of the European Forum for the Arts and Heritage, Bonn 12.-14. Juni '99
  • THEATER DER WELT 1999 in Berlin, 18 June - 4 July

Major projects 1996-97

  • 5th International Music Theatre Workshop Munich
  • THEATRE OF THE CONO SUR Festival and symposium, Berlin
  • THEATER DER WELT 1996 in Dresden
  • IMAGE.CONSTRUCTION.SITE workshop for stage designers in the framework of THEATER DER WELT
  • 6th Translators Meeting hosted by the Muelheim festival STÜCKE '97

Translators' Workshop Muelheim 2015

17th Translators' Workshop Mülheim, 29th May - 7th June, 2015

In 2015 we were happy to celebrate two anniversaries: the 40th anniversary of the STÜCKE festival Mülheim, the most important festival for contemporary German playwriting, and the 30th year of the international translators’ workshop, which took place from 29th May to 7th June in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

Ten professional translators for dramatic texts were invited to come to Mülheim and work on dramatic texts, participate in the lively discussion there and see the plays of the STÜCKE festival.

The participants of the 2015 edition of the workshop were: Cecilia Bassano (Argentina), Betty Yi-Chun Chen (Taiwan), Bojana Denic (Serbia), Iryna Herasimovich (Belarus), Jayashree Joshi (India), Mykola Lipisivitsky (Ukraine), Iwona Nowacka (Poland), Alla Rybikowa (Russia), Vera San Payo de Lemos (Portugal) and Mihkel Seeder (Estonia).

The seminars were lead by the experienced translators Heinz Schwarzinger and Barbara Christ. Within eight seminars the participants worked on the plays “Eine Schneise” by Händl Klaus, “Furcht und Ekel. Das Privatleben glücklicher Leute” by Dirk Laucke, “die unverheiratete” by Ewald Palmetshofer and “Homo Empathicus“ by Rebekka Kricheldorf. Händl Klaus, Dirk Laucke and Ewald Palmetshofer (whose play “die unverheiratete” won this year’s festival award) joined the seminar and discussed with the translators about the stylistic characteristics of their works.

Participants of the ITI Translators' Workshop, Muellheim "Stücke" festival 1995 (from right to left): Victor Scoradet (RO), Ulrika Wallenström (S), Katrin Magrowitz (UK), Martin Roeder-Zerndt (D/ITI), Tom Kleijn, Rezy Schumacher (NL), Monika Muskala (PL), Heinz Schwarzinger (FR/Leitung), Hans-Georg Küppers, Udo Balzer (Kulturamt Mülheim), Thomas Engel (D/ITI)