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  • Das ITI unterstützt die Ziele der Aktionstage der VIELEN am 08. und 09. Mai 2020 (Foto: Maxim Wittenbecher).

  • DIE VIELEN rufen auf zu glänzenden Aktionstagen am 08. und 09. Mai 2020

  • Die Träger des ITI-Preises seit 2014 (Fotos: Phile Deprez, Judith Buss, privat, Esra Rotthoff).

  • Diskussionabend im ITI zur Bedeutung der Pantomime in der historischen Spätphase der DDR. (Foto: Elena Ferri)

  • Das ITI lud zu einem Abend über die Frühzeit der Tanzfabrik Berlin in seine Räume. (Foto: ITI/Michel Barre).

  • „Jessica and me“: Tanztheatersolo mit Cristiana Morganti bei der euro-scene Leipzig 2019 (Foto: Claudia Kempf)

  • In Nürnberg trafen sich DIE VIELEN jetzt zu ihrem ersten Ratschlag. (Foto: Michael Lyra)

  • „Das Lackballett“ vom Theater der Klänge (Düsseldorf), Tanzstück nach Oskar Schlemmer bei der euro-scene Leipzig 2019 (Foto: Thomas von der Heiden)

  • Mit “(…..) Ein Stück, dem es scheißegal ist, dass sein Titel vage ist“ war Jetse Batelaan, ITI-Preisträger 2020, bei der Ruhrtriennale 2019. (Foto: Kurt van der Elst)

  • Festival des antiken griechischen Dramas auf Zypern 2020

  • Der 25. Oktober ist von Opera Europa, OPERA America und Ópera Latinoamérica zum Welt-Opern-Tag erkoren worden.

  • Uraufführung von „Jin Jiyan – Der Aufbruch“ von Anina Jendreyko am Theater Krefeld-Mönchengladbach (April 2019), Foto: Matthias Stutte

Theater der Welt Düsseldorf is taking place!

The Düsseldorf edition of Germany’s largest theatre festival is the first in its forty-year history that has had to be postponed because oft he pandemic by a year – but now the festival is taking place! We will be able to inform you whether the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf and the team of Theater der Welt will be able to welcome you in the theatres and outdoors either digitally, interactively or in person from 2 June on and We will then be able to publish all dates, locations and start times. This catalogue contains all the projects the Theater der Welt team has planned in alphabetical order. We hope that you will enjoy reading it and look forward to your visit – either live (we hope) or online.

Atelier Düsseldorf / Atelier for Young Festival Managers

16 - 22 June 2021, Düsseldorf during Theater der Welt on site, live and digital

The International Theatre Institute and The Festival Academy (an initiative of the European Festivals Association) will bring together during Theater der Welt 35 emerging arts and festival managers from all over the world at the Theatermuseum Düsseldorf to exchange with their peers and experienced festival directors, artists, cultural activists and experts from different fields of society, politics and technology at the Atelier for Young Festival Managers. Theater der Welt 2021 will offer an inspiring context for critical reflection about the role of festivals in today’s changing world. Issues of sustainability, climate change and the influence of new technologies can no longer be disregarded when putting on a festival, and have lost none of their urgency in pandemic times. These questions, together with those of the social and political function of festivals, their audiences and communities call for a reconsideration of curatorial practices.

Atelier Livestream

Every day, the panels of the Atelier will be livestreamed on youtube as well as and

We are delighted to announce that  we have on 16 June at 4.30 pm CEST  a high-level online opening keynote panel on ‘‘The role of the arts and festivals in today’s society and the imaginative power of storytelling” with:

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (World renown Nigerian writer. Named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2015 and one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine in 2017.  Member of both the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences – Nigeria),

Shahidul Alam, (artist, activist and founder of Chobi Mela Festival Bangladesh and 2018 Time Magazine person of the year)

Emily Johnson (Activist for Justice, Sovereignty and Wellbeing, Director/ Choreographer Catalyst, Bessie Awarded winning Choreographer, Guggenheim Fellow and Doris Duke awarded artist - Yup'ik Nation/US).

All trail-blazing artists whose life and art is about shifting narratives, resisting dominant paradigms and defending human rights.

ITI Annual Conference 2021

Ibrahim Ghareib, Sketch

Hybridity and Equality? 

The public thematic annual conference of the ITI, which had to be cancelled last year due to the pandemic, will now take place on the web. We are pleased that with the Berlin-based Egyptian artist and scientist Nora Amin, we were able to find a curator who will pose the question "Hybridity and Equality?" to us from a diverse perspective with spoken contributions and artistic interventions by colleagues from different countries.

The relationship between hybridity (technological as well as cultural) and equality (as a demand for equality) raises questions: How can the dynamics of the "new normal" support the necessary change in power relations in the performing arts? How can transnational collaborations in a postcolonial era enable the dissolution of hierarchies and the overcoming of borders? How does one create equality, participation and commonality in times of isolation?

With contributions by Johannes Ebert and Stefan Winkler (Goethe Institut), the author Pasquale Virginie Rotter, the curator Martine Dennewald, the performers Anis Hamdoun, Lola Pilnik and Elena Schmidt as well as the oud musician Wael Samy Elkholy.

At this link, the annual conference will be streamed via Youtube on Saturday 19 June from 10.30 am. Interaction is part of the concept and will happen via chat and a voting tool that will be displayed during the event.

Programme information here

Theaterpreis des Bundes 2021

Das Bewerbungsverfahren für den Theaterpreis des Bundes wurde am 17.05.2021 abgeschlossen. Zahlreiche Bewerbungen sind bei uns eingegangen, die einmal mehr unterstreichen, wie bunt und vielfältig die verschiedenen Theater auch in Pandemiezeiten arbeiten. Die Juryentscheidung wird voraussichtlich in der zweiten Junihälfte durch die Kulturstaatsministerin Prof. Monika Grütters verkündet.

Am 08.07.2021 findet in hybrider Form - in der Akademie der Künste sowie online - die Preisverleihung statt. Begleitet wird sie durch ein ganztätiges Symposium, welches unter dem Titel #dialograumtheater gemeinsam mit Akteur:innen aus Tanz und Theater aber auch mit Impulsgeber:innen aus anderen gesellschaftlichen Bereichen die Herausforderungen diskutieren werden, mit denen Theater als soziale Räume der Öffentlichkeit konfrontiert werden. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier.


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ITI Fundraising Campaign for ZOUKAK Theatre Beirut

The prize money for this year's Prize of the German ITI formed the basis for a donation to the Zoukak Theatre Beirut.

Together with donations from the members of the ITI, € 5,200 could be transferred at the beginning of June. Maya Zbib, founding director of the group and ambassador for the World Theatre Day in the ITI anniversary year 2018 wrote: „I am so moved by your initiative. It's very heartwarming to see that we are not alone here and that we are indeed part of a larger theatre family, that is present in solidarity, and attentively listening, and willing to make extra efforts, even in such difficult global times, to support peer artists. I thank you sincerely and send my deepest recognition to the ITI members and affiliates; this makes us happy and proud.”

Enf of the 22nd International Workshop Mülheim "Translating Theatre"

This year's International Workshop Mülheim "Theater Übersetzen" ended this Sunday. A big thank you to all participants who worked on Thomas Freyer's Stummes Land and Rebekka Kricheldorf's Der Goldene Schwanz during the ten days. Thanks also to the authors who came to a working session to discuss with our translators. We also had the pleasure of welcoming Indian playwright and author Kamal Pruthi to the workshop for a seminar focus on his writing and theater practice, and playwright and translator Mehdi Moradpour for a focus on identity politics in theatre.


See you next year for a new - hopefully analog - edition of the workshop!


Joining us this year were: 

Salman Abbas (India), Viktorija Blazheska (Macedonia), Jana Blümel (Uruguay), Amrita Dhara (India), Larysa Fedorenko (Ukraine), Claudia Fischer (Portugal), Mariam Gurzadyan (Armenia), Jayashree Joshi (India), Liis Kolle (Estonia), Veronika Krichevskaia (Russia), Veronika Kyrianova (Czech Republic), Samuel Petit (France), Vitali Serov (Russia), Marc Silbermann (United States), Hamsavahini Singh (India), Katharina Stalder (Switzerland), Monika von Moldovanyi de Goyeneche (Chile).

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"Weltraum" is the dialogue space, archive and satellite of the International Theatre Institute during "Theater der Welt". In 2021, the International Theatre Institute Germany focuses on the forty-year history of its Theatre of the World festival, which first took place in Hamburg in 1981, and presents the digital archive "Theater der Welt" accessible online for the first time.
From 17 June to 30 June 2021, an exhibition in Berlin, at Kunstquartier Bethanien, will simultaneously accompany the anniversary as a satellite of the festival in Düsseldorf. The exhibition can be visited free of charge at any time during the opening hours of the ITI. Registration is requested: mediathek(at)