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Research project „Performing Arts within the Cultural Landscapes in Europe”

The documents and links listed here document the current status of the performing arts in European countries. They are formed like a bibliography and cover the following topics:

  • Artists searching for cooperation and work opportunities in other European counties,

  • Information centres and theatre institutes which research and compile information for artists.
  • Cultural-political networks using this material to develop arguments for the promotion of the performing arts,

  • Academic institutions searching for sources about the situation of the performing arts in Europe.

The documents and links have been split into five areas:

  1. Information about national cultural politicians and the promotion of culture, presentation of the cultural landscape

  2. The existing structures within the cultural landscape of the performing arts: institutions / festivals / projects / promotion

  3. The social situation of artists (income, professional status, life circumstances)

  4. Mobility (forms of and opportunities for mobility, promotion, barriers to mobility)

  5. Social debate and aesthetic developments


Three research areas available:

The sources that have been researched up until now have been put together in a google spreadsheet:


There is an overview of institutions which provide further information:


The PDF documents produced from the research until now can be downloaded:


This research was initiated by the Flanders Arts Institute, Brussels, and the ITI Germany (as member of the European Network of Information Centres for the Performing Arts / ENICPA). A large part was completed in workshops of the common European Secretary of German culture NGOs. Associations of independent performing artist from various European countries, the Federal Association of the Performing Arts (Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste), as well as members of Project Passage 23E.

In the coming weeks, ENICPA members and relevant networks and institutions are invited to contribute further information.

Please contact the board of ENICPA to take part.