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ACAR - ITI Action Committee for Artists Rights

The international committee of the ITI for artists rights was founded in 2011 at the 33rd World Congress of the ITI in Xiamen, China and has since then been coordinated by the German centre of the International Theatre Institute.
It mobilises the worldwide network of ITIs and its executive bodies against censorship and any restrictions of the freedom of artistic expression. In the name of the ITI, the committee will openly stand up for the rights and the protection of theatre artists.

Its actions are based on the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, the UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of the Artists and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

ACAR is a member of the European network “Artists Rights Justice” and therefore connected to more than 20 well known organisations concerned with artists rights and freedom of artistic expression.
The actions of ACAR include the documentation and – given the approval of the persons affected – public information about individual stories, the publication of political statements, open letters and petitions, requests to governments and diplomatic representations as well as the organisation of international conferences dealing with questions of political and economic censorship, political exile and visa politics among others.


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